Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gerrad Will Goes To Real Madrid

Fernando Torres has delivered another devastating blow to Real Madrid - telling the team he loves to hate that Steven Gerrard is at Liverpool for life.

Gerrard has replaced Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo at the top of the Bernabeu wanted list after a master-class that saw the Kop captain score twice in the midweek Champions League demolition of Real.

Zinedine Zidane will return to the club he served with distinction as player in a role that will see him attempt to bring in a new generation of Galaticos if former president Florentino Perez is re-elected as expected in the summer.

The Frenchman began the Madrid charm offensive when he labelled Gerrard the world's best player after Liverpool's 4-0.

It's an assessment Torres fully agrees with - but the former Atletico Madrid striker insists the midfielder cannot be tempted away from Anfield.

Torres said: "There isn't a team in the world that Steven wouldn't get into - so yes, I am sure he has his admirers.

"But there are some players who love their club so much that they won't leave no matter what money is thrown around.

"We saw Kaka stay at AC Milan and that was nice to see in these times.

"Like Stevie, Kaka is one of the best players and in the same way he loves Milan, Stevie loves Liverpool.

"It's not about how we would get him to stay, he would never leave.

"The fans love him, the manager loves him, and he is our captain. Trust me when I say he is going nowhere."

Madrid fans sang Gerrard's name as Liverpool warmed down in an emptying Anfield after Tuesday's game and Torres added: "They may have been chanting his name, but nobody will chant his name louder than the Liverpool fans and I know the relationship he has with our supporters. They are his family."

Torres added: "You have players that are great team players - like Stevie is.

"But the truly great players can win the matches on their own when the rest of their team are not playing to the level that they should be.

"How many times have you seen Stevie do that? He just takes the game over by himself and delivers.

"How many players in the world can do that? Maybe five.

"That is how special a talent he is. He took on a Champions League Final and won it. Yes, it was a great team performance against Madrid but when Stevie is in that form he looks like he could take on any team on his own.

"He is the best player I have ever played with, and I have played with some great players with Spain and Liverpool.

"He could easily be the best player in the world."

Torres believes the 5-0 aggregate hammering of Real justifies his decision to leave Atletico.

He said: "This is the reason why I came to Liverpool.

"I made it clear the only club I'd leave Atletico for was Liverpool and now I can see why.

"Tuesday was a statement we are not be taken lightly. We know the defeat of Madrid means nothing now. It doesn't matter who we draw now - there is no easy game - but there is serious belief in the Liverpool dressing room we can win a sixth European Cup."

"Great players can win the games on their own when the rest of the team are not playing well. Stevie can do that. It shows how special he is."

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